What Is the Role of the Residential Painting Contractor?

A residential painter and decorator, more commonly known as a residential painter or residential decorator, is a tradesman employed for the interior painting and decoration of residential buildings, which is also called a residential painter or decorator. The main task of residential painting is just to beautify a residential building by adding the paint to the walls and other parts that are necessary. There are certain paints that come in stronger bond than others, but all the paint has a similar purpose; to make a building look beautiful. Residential painters or decorators work on a longer time frame and they are paid on an hourly basis.

Today the trend of hiring residential painters has become popular, as it saves time and money. In addition to this, the services of residential painters extend beyond the basic painting duties. Many companies hire residential painters to clean up and even fix minor damages on the interior of the homes after a storm or any disaster. Thus, it can be seen that the scope of painters and their duties are extensive and their services are sought after by many companies and individuals.

Painting the exterior of homes can be done by residential painters as well, hence it is not a rare sight to see homes with three or four sets of paint coming out of the wall, whereas in case of residential painter, the task would be more daunting. The paint job for residential painter would be less detailed and would focus only on the interiors of the home. The commercial paint contractor or the commercial paint contractors have vast experience in this department and most of them do residential painting as well. This is because residential painters may have limited knowledge of certain areas that need to be painted.

Ulta Home Painting the exteriors of the home can be done on a smaller scale as compared to the one undertaken for the interiors of the house. This is because the exteriors of the home are not exposed to the elements as much as the interiors of the house. Residential painters usually work on a single painting project at a time and this gives them ample time to complete the work properly. On the other hand, the commercial painters are bound to complete the painting of several projects in a span of two to three days. Hence, it can be said that the commercial painters are more experienced and better qualified to undertake bigger projects such as painting the exteriors of your home.

Power Washing: Just as residential painter is needed to paint the exteriors of the home, the same is also required to wash the interiors of the house with the help of power washing equipment. Most of the times, when a power washing is required, residential painter is not required. Commercial power washing contractor however, is required for large projects such as the ones done for houses and commercial buildings. These contractors are well equipped to wash your exterior and interiors of the house with power washing equipment such as pressure washer, power sprayer, broom, and etc... Power washing is an excellent way to eliminate all kinds of stains and grime from the surfaces and also to make your house look new.

Handyman Services: Handyman services are also provided by many painting contractors. You may not need the help of any professional during some processes. But when you come across a residential painter who is looking for a handyman service, don't ignore him. Handymen are those persons who can fix simple problems like faucets and kitchen sink. But they might be very useful for larger tasks like painting the exteriors of the house and for building extensions. So, always go for painting companies which provide handyman services as well. Look for more facts about painting at http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/painting.

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